How it works

Once you've registered with Docslot, the setup process is simple, allowing you to enter your details, venues and appointments quickly into the system.

You contol which instructing parties you wish to work with and agree commercial terms with them directly or through the Docslot platform. Once agreed, you authorise which instructing party can view and book your appointments. If you also work directly with Solicitors, they too can search your appointments, and immediately start to book claimants into your diary without the need to email or telephone you.

Docslot then sends you an email notifying you of the booking, or you can simply log into the system via your computer, iPad or iPhone (or Android devices) and see all your appointments.

Meanwhile, free of charge, you can enter your own bookings into Docslot, allowing you to track all of your work from one central diary.

Orthopaedic Surgeons and Other Specialists

Docslot is a platform all medical experts can use to enhance their medico-legal practice for both MedCo and non-MedCo cases. Specialists can elect to work directly with Solicitors or via MROs or a combination of the two.

Docslot is very widely used by Orthopaedic surgeons and a number of instructing parties will only instruct orthopaedic surgeons registered on Docslot as they can book clients directly into the expert's diary and track all their cases in one central portal.

Other specialists (such as Neurologists, ENT Surgeons, Psychologists, Psychiatrists etc) are also discovering the benefits of Docslot and asking their Solicitor clients to use the system to book appointments directly into their diaries, therefore avoiding time wasted on the telephone or emailing to agree a convenient appointment.

Member Benefits

Maximise your level of instructions

Instructing parties prefer the efficiency of booking online. By using Docslot you can ensure that you receive more instructions from them.

One central diary for all your appointments

Even non-Docslot cases can be entered onto the system - use Docslot to keep track of all your cases and work.

Reduced administration

No more phone calls or emails from agencies chasing you for reports or appointments. Docslot's prompt system keeps you up to date.

Easy to use, intuitive and web-based system

There's no software to download, and the system is available from any computer. Our mobile apps work on any Apple or Android device.

Flexibility with your availability

You have complete control over when you offer appointments. Availability can be added or removed whenever you wish.

Mobile Devices

Use iDocslot to access all your appointments and upload your availability via your mobile devices.

Mobile application

Our suite of mobile applications, iDocslot, are available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Many experts now consult from many different locations, and may not always have a computer with an internet connection.

iDocslot solves this problem - wherever you are, the application will give you all the information you need on your day's work, and even allows you to fully administer your diary - including adding new availability, reserving existing availability for private clients, or removing availability.

iDocslot is completely free of charge - just access iDocslot from your mobile device to start using it.


Docslot will only charge you for completed appointments, that were booked into your diary by an instructing party.

We do not charge experts for DNA or cancelled appointments.

We also won't charge you for appointments that you book into your own diary, such as for private patients or instructing parties that contact you directly.

Transactional Fees

  • A transactional fee is charged for every successful appointment booked via Docslot by an instructing party
  • We do not charge for DNA or cancelled appointments
Our per appointment charges are as follows
First 50 appointments in a month £3 + VAT
Following 30 appointments in a month £2.40 + VAT
All Further appointment £2 + VAT

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