How it works

Once you've logged in to Docslot, searching for available appointments is as easy as entering the post code of the claimant. You can do this through the Docslot website, or through your own software via our extensive and highly flexible range of web services.

Docslot has over 40,000 online appointments at any one time for both MedCo experts as well as specialists such as Orthopaedic Surgeons. Once you've selected the most suitable appointment, it can be booked into the expert's diary in real time.

Docslot then handles all the necessary administration to notify the expert, send them the details of the case, and finally to notify them of the requirement to send a report after the date of the appointment.

Docslot has been providing medico-legal expert services since 2008 - the system is extensive in functionality and is well tested for both security and reliability.


Access to our panel

Docslot has over 500 medical experts consulting from over 1000 venues nationwide.

Standardise the way you book appointments

Booking all your appointments through Docslot will save you time and help you meet SLA targets with your clients.

DNA notifications

Receive DNA notifications from our experts within 48 hours of the appointment.

Integration with your case management software

Docslot is integrated with many different case management systems. Our range of web services make this easy and reduces the need for data entry.

Instant appointment booking

No more hassling experts to reply with their availability.

Book the appointment for when you want it

Have complete control over which appointment time and date is chosen for each case.


Docslot operates a subscription model for MROs. Please email for further information.

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